The School of Gender and Sexuality Studies (SGSST), awarded project funding under the French National Research Agency’s “Investment in the Future” programme, is dedicated to addressing issues of gender and sexuality at the heart of public debate, and to exploring ways of approaching them through the social sciences, combining qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Master's degree

Formerly the Master’s in Gender, Politics and Sexuality offered at the School for Higher Studies in Social Science (EHESS), in 2020 the Master’s in Gender Studies: Sociology, History and Anthropology became the first level of graduate study at SGSST, created as a partnership between EHESS and the National Institute for Demographic Studies (Ined).

Doctoral studies

The “Social Sciences and Gender” Doctoral Training Programme is the second level of graduate study at SGSST.
It welcomes sociological, historical and anthropological research projects that focus centrally on gender and sexuality, and the power relations they expose.

A University Research School with international reach, rooted in both professional and research worlds

Career development

The SGSST strives to create a range of opportunities for career development and recognition of skills specific to issues of gender and sexuality in the workplace for its students, as well as offering continuing professional development for professionals.

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Research sits at the heart of SGSST, right from Master’s level 1. Students are supervised by researchers, and given access to resources usually reserved for academic researchers, with the aim of bringing all students into contact with the world of academic research throughout their studies.


With its international outlook, SGSST works to support the mobility of our leaving students, particularly within their field of research, and to internationalise the student body by recruiting students who have completed their undergraduate studies abroad.


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